Mr. Azhan Bin Mohamed Yasin

Azhan Bin Mohamed Yasin was born in Pahang, Malaysia, in 1977. He is married with one son.  He received the B.A. (Hons) degree in Business Administration from University Teknologi MARA, Malaysia.  In 2002, he began his career in the Malaysian Civil Services as Assistant Secretary at the NAM Secretariat, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Malaysia. His first assignment abroad was at the High Commission of Malaysia in Singapore in 2006 as Second Secretary for four years. He was back in Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Malaysia in 2010 as Special Officer to the Secretary General. He was assigned to the Multilateral Security Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Malaysia as a Principal Assistant Secretary in 2012.

The following year he was sent abroad again to serve as Counsellor at the Embassy of Malaysia in Dublin, Ireland. In year 2016, he was assigned as Principal Assistant Secretary at the Finance Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Malaysia and later as Head of Integrity Unit at Ministry of Foreign Affairs Malaysia. Azhan also served the Ministry at the Development Division in 2018 as Under Secretary. He is now assigned as Deputy Permanent Representative at Permanent Mission of Malaysia to ASEAN, Jakarta since November 2020.

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