April 21, 2022

ASEAN-IPR Online Lecture Video is a new content from the ASEAN Institute for Peace & Reconciliation to help the general public gain a better understanding on the mandate, functions, and work of the institute. The Lecture Videos will breakdown several topics relevant to the work of the ASEAN-IPR – such as women, peace & security; youth & peacebuilding; climate change & peace; and prevention/countering radicalism & violent extremism. The Lecture Videos will be delivered by experts in the region, sharing their perspectives on peacebuilding and peace processes.

In this very first episode, Ms. Ayu Kartika Dewi, Member of the ASEAN Women for Peace Registry from Indonesia, Special Staff to the President of Indonesia, and founder of SabangMerauke, will share about her experience in peacebuilding area. She will also share how youths in the region could be an active contributor to peacebuilding, as part of the community-building process.

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