Welcoming Message From Executive Director

Welcoming Message From Executive Director

Warmest greetings! It is truly a great privilege for me to welcome you to the ASEAN Institute for Peace and Reconciliations Official Website.

Pursuant to the Institutes mandate and functions, the ASEAN-IPR strives to be a platform for all stakeholders to voice their interest and aspirations in contributing to the ASEAN community-building process.

Thus, it is our goal that this Website runs as one of the platforms for our engagement. An engagement that is active with exchange of ideas, dissemination of information, as well as discussion with insights and updates of what we are doing at the Institute.

Since the beginning of 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic forced us to halt, delay or even stop our activities. Notwithstanding, we as ASEAN citizens should be proud of our regions capability to stay cohesive, resilient, innovative and adaptable in the furtherance of our undertakings. Many of us have creatively adjusted our works and meetings through virtual/online platforms.

Consequently, the role of this Website has become increasingly significant as a place to meet, and continue our journey towards building and sustaining peace whether through our communities, for ASEAN, or even for the world at large in line with the growing number of this Websites visitors, as well as our followers/subscribers on social media platforms.

As the Website is designed for you, and to maximise our engagement with you, we welcome you to treat it as your own. The work on peace and reconciliation is not in vacuum, and is certainly not one that could be accomplished instantly, without support and involvement of all stakeholders. In this regard, we encourage you to share your thoughts, comments, ideas and even criticism, through the available interactive features on the Website. What can we do better? What features in this Website should be included, enhanced or even changed?

These are the things that can help us fulfil our stated vision to serve as ASEANs knowledge hub and centre of excellence in building capacity on conflict resolution and reconciliation, and further strengthening peace-oriented values towards harmony, peace, security and stability in our region and beyond.

I would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation to the government of Norway (through Norway-ASEAN Regional Integration Plan (NARIP)) and Australia (through the ASEAN-Australia Political-Security Partnership (APSP)), as ASEAN’s partners in contributing towards sustaining peace and security, for supporting the development and maintenance of this Website.

Moreover, the ASEAN-IPR would not advance without the never-ending support and guidance of its Governing Council, Advisory Board as well as the ASEAN Women for Peace Registry.

My sincere acknowledgement also goes to the Secretariat Team for their commitment and hard work in bringing this Website into reality, and keeping it active and lively.

Last, and certainly not least, I would like to thank you for visiting and re-visiting this Website, as well as your continued support for our work and to the Institute.

The Secretariat Team will continue to build new features, bring in new contents, and update our activities regularly. Please also like, follow and/or subscribe to our social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube & LinkedIn) for the whole maximum experience of the work of ASEAN-IPR.

Please enjoy!

November 2020,

I Gusti Agung Wesaka Puja

Executive Director of ASEAN-IPR

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