Ms. Ayu Kartika Dewi

Ayu Kartika Dewi is Special Staff to the President of Indonesia and the Managing Director of Indika Foundation. Prior to this, Ayu worked as Aide to the Governor of Jakarta, Associate Director at the President’s Delivery Unit (UKP4), and a Consumer Insights Manager at P&G Singapore. She spent one-year teaching elementary students on a remote island in Indonesia. She has founded several social movements:, SabangMerauke, Milenial Islami, Perempuan Gagal, and

Ayu represented Indonesia at the 2017 Future Leaders Connect in the UK and was selected by the Australia Awards Indonesia to take part in the Women Leadership Program in Melbourne. Currently, she is writing two books to guide others in mindfulness and studying abroad.

Managing Director
Indika Foundation

Initiator and Co-Founder
SabangMerauke and Milenial Islami

Education and Research; Policy Making; Capacity Building; Healing and Reconciliation; Community Social cohesion; Program Monitoring and Evaluation; Crossculture student exchange programs, Peaceful Islam, Peace education curriculum development, critical thinking education

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